Saturday, April 5, 2014

Internet 'independent' but 'safe' is not

The Internet gave people more freedom to express opinions karatake still safe to say that many people do not think. One survey found that the views of the BBC.
Internet 'independent' but 'safe' is not: BBC Survey.

BBC World Service is one of the 67 percent of poll respondents said the Internet has created opportunities for greater independence . However, more than half of the respondents with regards to the Internet matatamata say they do not feel safe.
17000 people in 17 countries across the continent are run on the opinion survey. Freedom of the BBC released the survey as part of the program has been run.
The freedom and dangers of the Internet, the two sides conducted the poll for the BBC World Service.

Every participant in an unsafe place for the expression of both the Internet as one thinks. But again, two-thirds of respondents also believe that the Internet has brought a lot more freedom for them.
The vigilance of the public on the Internet concern
Seventeen countries, one-third of the respondents said that , in their opinion , they are not outside of government surveillance . States and Germany, more than half of respondents said they feel that the government is under surveillance. It’s odd figure in China, Russia and indonesiyaya . Most people think about them and there is no monitoring.

The survey found that concerns about the independence of the media, the eight countries of about 60 per cent of people in their right, the fact are independence and impartiality with the news.

Motorbikes run in the air

Gasoline, diesel, electric or gas does not leave the bike in the air . Wind -powered motorbikes Limca Book of World Records by the invention taken place in India's Uttar Pradesh, two professors .
Eicabitiai lakhanauyera School of Management professor India 's Kanpur Professor Singh and have found these bikes onkara Singh .
In May last year, President Pranab mukhopadhyayake two professors themselves had this fancy bikes . Bike originality, design , practical benefits of the Limca Book of World March of this bike took edisane room .
Meanwhile , the Indian government received a patent from the bikes and onkara Singh Singh left India . Only 5 of the 40 km run for bikes can bayutei . Bikes on the market price of Rs 85,000 . source by 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

online visa check dubai

Before you travel to the UAE, please check your visa requirements and make sure you have a valid visa if needed. Holders of non-standard passports and travel documents may also have different entry requirements: please check your visa and passport requirements
Citizens of the GCC nations of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia do not require a visa to travel to the UAE.

Friday, August 23, 2013

ODesk from the Dutch Bangla mobile bank of withadroul mony the system.

ODesk from Bengali Dutch mobile bank withdrawal the system.
 Many people do not know that the Dutch Bengali mobile bank ODesk withdrawal method . For me this post. Especially those who are far away from the city and around the bank was not available, and the Id bheriphaida is, I think, the most suitable system for mobile banking in the Dutch Bengali withdrawal of money. It also has the advantage of the manifold. However, let's get started.
 Dutch first Bengali mobile bank account, get a ***. This may account for your college ID. Reach any option costs just Rs 100. 40, in which you can take money from the account to be active with it. To be active within the LEA.
 In the odeske *** Wallet Click to add withdrawal method. Local Fund Transfer, click here. Bank SWIFT Code will grow. The Dutch bank Bengali DBBLBDDH supinate code, click on the Go. Dutch Bengali bank address you atometikabhabe karateche show ...
 Please submit all information at the bottom of your desired ***. Account numbers in the number of digits in your Dutch Bengali Mobile Banking 1 day (11 digits of your mobile number + a check digit). Branch address of the branch and the branch of the subject's name and address of the Branch. Please fill in the following fields. I have an account, click Add. Diameter was.
 Will be active during the day. Uikhadro things can become active. The money will be deposited directly into your mobile bank account.
 Other benefits of:
 * You Bengali Dutch bank in any country. TA. Booth and was able to withdraw money from a branch.
 The Dutch branch of the bank in the Bengali Mobile bankim's agent will be able to withdraw the money from them.
 * Transaction fees, and not too much. Comparative much less. 1 of only 10 thousand.
 * Your mobile money because you can use a variety of media.
 * Dutch Bengali bankim's account from your mobile phone, you can recharge. However, it can not be all mobile operators.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

HSC Result 2013 Latest News

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  Year :  
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  Roll :  

Friday, July 5, 2013

Marriage between near relations is not scientific

Cacato, cousin, brother khalato and phuphato - bonadera children in the marriage, ultimately that is, the higher the risk of congenital problems. The Lancet published a research article in the Journal of the data scientists said.

Pakistani descent living in the city of Bradford in the UK research community can be seen, the child born of the marriage between near relations of genetic abnormalities common in children more than 30 percent. Abnormalities in the fetus, such as an extra finger on the growth of the hu tpinde holes or brain structure - the error occurs. Overall, however, considering the very low rate of abnormalities. The study led by teachers eyamana seridana lidasa. 007 and 011 from the 13 thousand children born in the study were under.

A large part of the South Asian migrants living in Bradford town. Pakistani ancestry, 37 percent of the population in the blood relatives of the marital relationship has been established. The experts said that in the blood circulation of the marriage between relatives. More than 100 million people around the world are holding their culture. Reuters and AFP.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Technology of global knowing some of the extraordinary people

Technology - the world knowing some of the extraordinary people who have the technical skills and good knowledge of computers - all kinds of evil, so lagiyechilena. Sometimes they do not have any loss of profit bhebei all the fun I have developed products or services. Once again we are fed up of inventories have started to create something new. The invention ever made anyone made them heroes to anyone ghoratara brings considerable danger. But anyone with anyone heroes 'villains' some of which have been published in a report inasaidara business.xclusivelink

Pirates of the founders of dasyu
Keywords: Betterment site also known as the Pirates Bay, it is notorious. Technology - Analysts said the Pirates Bay as well as the most visiting site for pirated all online xcluvsive Linkcontent, the online site is one of the most censored. Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) in their services - to clients in a way that access to the site. The 001 quickly became popular in the Pirates of the Bay. This site is also valid, invalid, the facility has the copyright on all files Pirates Bay - The passing of gotiphreda bharthalma bharga, Frederick and Peter sanadena neija. However, their work did not bring the sunajara. Offense to violate copyright laws in Sweden were convicted in court.

Julian wikileaks spy ayasanja
Technology - the response to the wikileaks founder Julian ayasanja argue. Free and open information in the world is considered one of the activists. The founder of wikileaks leaked confidential information bubbling around the web. Wikileaks uses the platform of thousands of confidential information, and the message he was the 'villains' in the woods. Yuktarare eye 'information terrorism' or 'spy' national hero Julia ayasanja anyone to anyone again. Wikileaks leaks hidden around the website - information - in a lot of bombs shattering taliye regime. The Ecuadorian embassy in life are somehow captured. Elei outside the embassy, ​​he will be arrested because they are not. Ecuadorian government gave him political asylum.
Schwartz hacker array of free information
Free information on the Internet for free and Schwartz worked in the array. Schwartz argues that workers receive the data array is alive today. In January this year, the United States was in New York revealed itself to be fitted for his body was recovered. Technology - the world has been rocked by a 6-year-old 'internet activists, this array Schwartz' suicide '. MIO digital archive was hacked to death during the download of the jurisdiction of the Schwartz report on scientific research. Schwartz would not accept the charges. Only 1 year of age, became skilled in computer array. For the establishment of a website 'arsadijita Prize' was. Blog spot on the Internet and creating an RSS feed for automatic execution at a very important role at the age of 14 years. Professor Lawrence Lessig joined the same age, with the 'Creative Commons', the name of the company to build an Internet business. Yogayogabhittika very popular social news - site 'redita' lagiyechilena he was establishing. Very little of a lot of money - money that comes in his hands, but nothing for the money he had in life. His claim was, on the Internet, the information should be free. But the court heard his uccakantha damate 'villains' were made.all online xclusive Link

Bradley enemy cells myanim
All of the 'villains' in the eyes of many heroes myanim Bradley. The wikileaks documents that trafficking was arrested in the U.S. senasadasya myaninyera Bradley. The 4-year-old myanim the military custody. Iraq accused him of providing confidential documents from uikilikasake more than two years ago was arrested. More than 10 complaints have been brought against him. If convicted he could be jailed for life.

'In the rebel-snodena
Infringe on the fundamental freedoms of individuals and citizens' confidence in the information being collected - the news was leaked to the country's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the 9-year-old former employee whose name Edward snodena. U.S. Defense Department contractor Alan buja hyamilatanera he worked under. Edward snodena claims, 'the fundamental freedoms of all people, in the interest of the Prism program have leaked the information. Edward snodena leaks with the argument that, 'I do not want to live in a world, which is where I am or what I do all the recording. I do not support such a system and do not want to live under. '
'The Guardian' interview given to a 9-year-old snodena said, 'I did not do any wrong.'
After intense debate in the United States military readiness activities snodenera is. United States National Intelligence Agency chief James klyapara has condemned the leaks in snodenera. He says that the 'dayitbajnanahina. Snodenera take action against the people of the United States. The United States millions of documents to be leaked to WikiLeaks has snodenake support.

Rabinahuda anonymous groups
Internet World 'rabinahuda as a group of hackers known as Anonymous. Any websites are hacked down at Skilled Group. I wish them - they were not interested, depending on the type of Activity. The group has gained notoriety as the hyakinyera demonstrated expertise in the field.

Father of the annoying pop add the sipala
Internet browsers have to be forced to add a pop just for the sipalera. Add to researchers at the Massachusetts gen pop. Internet advertising is one of the many duyara he opened the eyes of his work as 'villains' - it's not like work.

'Crazy Technician, Steve ojaniyaka

Apple co - founder Steve ojaniyakake 'technology geek' as many of you know. Prayuktipremi current generation was launched in the hand, a ojaniyaka them. Steve ojaniyaka and Steve Jobs was a good friend. They are two of the most popular Apple company established in 1976, the current home garage. Steve ojaniyakakei Apple's first computer program for creating and full credit is given. A fatal plane crash in 1981 ojaniyaka lost memory. In 1987, he officially left Apple and began work on a variety of technology innovation. Many parts of the organization, he had an eye to the 'villains' in the woods. During the time he made that instrument with which to annoy enough people. His special interest is a new cell phone on the market when the first muthophonati collected. He was all the time with a bunch of electronic equipment illusion. Interestingly, the technology - broadband Internet connection at home is crazy Steve ojaniyakera